Your Success Is Our Business

Connecting Exceptional Professionals with Top Employers

Success Begins with the Right People

JM Staffing and JM Medi-Stat have expanded since our 1983 launch, but we still take the time to get to know all our candidates and the clients we serve. No matter how big our client roster grows and how many professionals we add to our talent pool, we know that your success demands our undivided attention.

Many staffing firms separate their sales and recruiting teams, but this creates a disconnect, making it harder to make the ideal match. Instead, our recruiters work directly with both clients and candidates, allowing us to find the right fit for everyone.

We’ve built our business through honesty, integrity, and personal attention—paving the way for everyone’s success.

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Blazing Trails Since 1983

Chiquita Bell established JM Staffing when the industry was in its infancy, and when minority and female-owned businesses were almost unheard of among staffing firms. In fact, JM Staffing remains one of the few staffing firms in California that is independently owned and operated by a minority woman.

After working for a major law firm for several years, she saw firsthand the poor quality that staffing agencies provided, from inadequate candidates to uninspired service. She knew she could do much better, so she struck out on her own with a clear vision and an innovative business model.

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Raising the Bar and Delivering Value

The first item on the agenda was testing. Chiquita developed testing for all levels of legal and general clerical positions, allowing her to identify top-notch candidates. Rather than focusing on volume, she concentrated on quality, ethics, and client satisfaction. JM Staffing is the direct result of that vision.

While a value-driven approach with personalized attention is far from novel, it’s often sacrificed in the name of rapid growth. Chiquita and her team opted to control growth over the years, ensuring their personalized approach to staffing continued over the decades.

JM Medi-Stat

In 1999, JM Staffing’s federal correctional facility Contract Officers urged Chiquita to open a Medical Staffing Division, giving birth to JM Medi-Stat. The new division allowed her team to provide correctional facilities with RNs, LVNs, Dentists, Phlebotomists, and Pharmacy Techs.

The launch of JM Medi-Stat solidified JM Staffing as a one-stop resource for current and future clients. One call is all it takes for a corporation, municipality, hospital, or any other entity to take care of their staffing shortages or to support a growing company.

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Committed to Integrity

As JM Staffing’s founder, Chiquita navigated the company from a small, home-based business into a respected and financially sound corporation.

“We take our time to dig deeper and fully understand the wants and needs of both job seekers and client companies before attempting to match the two,” says Chiquita. “We are not all things to all people, but we make it a point to serve as a resource to all those we encounter.”

The team at JM Staffing begins and ends each interaction from a position of honesty and full disclosure. The result is trust—a staffing firm committed to your success.

“We stake our reputation on these promises,” says Chiquita. “Our character and ideals are part of our culture and everyday life. Get to know our team, and you will see the difference firsthand.”

It’s About Time. It’s About People. It’s About Success.