Our Story

In 1983, Chiquita Bell established JM Staffing when minority / female owned staffing services was in its infancy.
As its founder, Ms. Bell navigated the company from a small, home-based business into a respected and financially sound corporation.

After working for a major law firm and seeing first hand the poor quality of the temporary help being assigned to our firm, I decided I could do a much better job. Armed with a clear vision, and several years of law firm experience, the first item on the agenda was testing. I developed testing for all levels of legal and general clerical applicants. I believed that there was a way to raise the bar in the staffing industry while continuing to be successful. One of the secrets was not to concentrate on volume, but rather on quality, ethics and client satisfaction. JM Staffing is a result of that vision.

Although the value-driven approach is far from novel, it’s often sacrificed in the face of growth. At JM Staffing, we make a commitment to stick to our mission. As the founder, I opted to control our growth to ensure our personalized approach to staffing and the positive JM Staffing experience for which we’re known.

We take our time to dig deeper and fully understand the wants and needs of both our job seekers and client companies before attempting to match the two. We understand that we are not all things to all people, but we make it a point to serve as a resource to all those we encounter. We begin and end each interaction from a position of honesty and full disclosure. The result is a staffing firm that can be trusted and on which you can rely.

We stake our reputation on these promises. Our character and ideals are a part of the culture and everyday life here at JM Staffing. Get to know our team and you will witness the difference firsthand.